Delavnica merjenje energijskih polj ljudi

Delavnico je vodil Lutz Rabe, ki ima veliko izkušenj na področju GDV tehnologije.

Napisal je priročnik za praktično delo in uporabo GDV opreme.

Delavnica je potekala od 12 do 15.07.2011 v Zdravilnem gaju v Tunjicah.


·         The day will be split into theoretical sessions in the morning and practical exercises after lunch

·         There will be time for answering detailed questions of the participants that might be related to their work with GDV

·         The seminar is split in two parts: 1. GDV Analysis of human fingers (3 days), 2. Material testing and statistical Analysis in GDV SciLab (1 Day)

Here is the (preliminary) agenda for the seminars.

1.       Measuring the Human Energy Field (3 Days)

·         Day 1:  
Theoretical principles of measuring the human energy field with GDV
Background information on calibration and noise filtering in the GDV Software
Theoretical Background of the GDV parameters as calculated by the GDV Software
Theory and practical work with the GDV software GDV Capture, GDV Diagram, GDV Screening, GDV Atlas, GDV Interpretation
Practical exercises and questions from the participants

·         Day 2:
Theoretical Background and calculated parameters for GDV Software Energy Field, GDV Virtual Chakra GDV Qualification, GDVeda, GDV Effect
Practical Exercises and questions from participants

·         Day 3:
Background information for interpretation of GDV Measurements of human fingers
Concept of homeostasis, concept of regulation in GDV analysis (concept developed by Lutz Rabe and Dr. Andreas Jell)
Presentation of programs GDV Effect, GDV SBJ Manager
Practical Exercises and questions from participants

2.       Material Testing and statistical analysis

·         Principles of material testing with GDV for liquid and solid materials

·         Parameters of the GDV Camera Pro for material testing

·         Use of the GDV material testing kit

·         Requirements for laboratory test setup and measurements

·         Statistical analysis of GDV measurements in GDV Scilab

·         GDV Scilab – calculated parameters and their meaning

·         Practical exercise and questions from participants


Each student will receive a complete set of training material with all images and explanations with around 130 pages of full color print A4 student literature developed by me. Please note that such material is not available anywhere else.

Optional evening seminar: GDV introduction

  We will offer GDV introduction seminars of 2-3 hours in the evening. The students of the seminars can invite their clients and business partners to take part in the evening seminar. The seminar will cover the very basic information about the GDV technology, Analysis and practical applications. This seminar is very appreciated by my clients, as their customers get a quick and professional overview on what GDV is and have trust in  this new technology now available in their environment.

Here are some of the advantages of taking the training we offer:

·         Professional training for professional users of the GDV technology

·         They will get information and practical skills to offer their services and earn money with GDV measurements, tests and interpretation

·         They will receive a full-color copy of the complete training material (this you don’t even get in St. Petersburg)

·         With you and the training and contacts you have, they will get a competent contact person to successfully apply GDV in their own business and to get any question answered fast in Slovenia

·         They can bring their own experiences and questions or client cases to the training and we discuss them in detail so that all their questions are answered

·         They get one evening seminars for their clients/customers for FREE, this means they can bring their clients and I will tell their clients how GDV works.

Seminar Schedule:

08.30 – 10.00     Lecture

10.00 – 10.15     coffee break

10.15 – 11.45     Lecture

11.45 – 12.30     Lecture

12.30 – 13.30     lunch break

13.30 – 15.00     Lecture /practical exercises

15.00 – 15.15     coffee break

15.15 – 17.00     Lecture / practical exercises


On the second day we can have the evening seminars: 18.30 – 21.00 or 19.00 – 21.30

Impala, marketinške rešitve.