Mednarodni kongres 07

Mednarodna znanstvena konferenca z naslovom:

MERITVE ENERGIJSKIH (BIO)POLJ je potekala v Kamniku 13 in 14 oktobra 2007.

Predstavljena so bila predavanja in predstavitve vodilnih znanstvenikov iz Evrope, Rusije, Azije in ZDA –tako smo imeli enkratno priložnost prisostvovati procesu ustvarjanja nove znanstvene in kulturne paradigme.

Glavne teme diskusije:
Energijska (bio)polja prostora in ljudi:
• Geo-aktivne cone v okolju
• Vpliv kamnov in žlahtnih kamnov na človeško počutje
• Živa (aktivna) voda, strukturirana voda
• Meritve energijskih (bio)polj ljudi

Vabljena predavanja: Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (Rusija), Dr. Igor Kononenko (Slovenija),
Dr. Vladimir Voeikov (Rusija), Dr. Igor Jerman (Slovenija), Dr. Fahri Saatcioglu (Norway).

Znanstveni odbor za programski del konference:

So predsedniki: prof. dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Technična Univerza SPIFMO, St-Petersburg, Rusija (tudi vodja delavnice in meritev)
So predsedniki: : prof. dr. Igor Kononenko, Univerza Ljubljana, Slovenija
So predsedniki: : prof. dr. Vladimir Voeikov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Rusija


prof. dr. Dejan Raković, Univerza v Beogradu, Srbija
prof. dr. Igor Jerman, Univerza Ljubljana, Slovenija
dr. Metod Škarja, Inštitut BION, Slovenija
prof. dr. Tatjana Zrimec, Univerza New South Wales, Australija
dr. Peter Matravers, Aveda corporation, MN, USA
prof. dr. Gary Schwartz, Arizona University, USA

Organizacijski odbor:

Predsednik: Drago Vrhovnik
Člani: Katja Vrhovnik, Konstantin Korotkov, Igor Kononenko in Zoran Bosnić

Povabljeni predavatelji konference:

Dr. Korotkov: Measuring Energy Fields
ABSTRACT: Dr. Korotkov will discuss the human energy field from a scientific view and present the principles of GDV. Research results using EPC GDV for health assessment will be presented. The effects of meditation, concentration, and acupuncture on the human energy field will be discussed. Special topic is discussion of the EPC GDV dynamic real-time measurements during telepathy Himalaya experiments and development of the World project “Life without Blindness”. Also discussed will be the colours and types of human energy fields, how to read the human energy field, and how to distinguish between physical and psychological human energy fields. Research works on use of GDV in alternative medicine, consciousness studies, and measurements on charged water, blood, and minerals will be shown.
Measuring Energy of Space. New revolutionary sensor technology for analyzing energy of different places. Results of expeditions to sacral places in different countries.

Dr. Kononenko: Objective Science and Subjective Spirituality are Complementary

ABSTRACT: Both, science and spirituality are looking for the truth, but with completely different basic principles and methodologies. Science insists on objective descriptions of the world. This limits its scope to measurable, describable material world. Science deals with question “HOW universe operates” and develops various scientific theories that try to EXPLAIN. On the other hand spirituality, stemming from various eastern and western traditions, deals with question: WHY universe exists and what is the purpose of life. It is necessarily subjective and relies on personal and intuitive sense. Its aim is the direct experience of reality in order to widen one’s consciousness. The spiritual seekers practice spiritual virtues like love, compassion, humility, faith, modesty, patience, courage and sincerity. Mathematics defines strict boundaries for describable, rational (scientifically observable) world - corresponding to discrete world of natural numbers, while irrational world (subjectively observable) corresponds to the continuous world of real numbers. However, for creative development both in material and spiritual world we need both: science and spirituality - they complement each other. In the words of Dalai Lama: mind and heart have to go together.

Dr. Voeikov: Fundamental Role of Water in Bioenergetics

ABSTRACT: Water represents more than 99% of all molecules of any organism on a mole basis, and in some aqueous organisms it represents more than 99% even by weight (for instance, in jellyfish). Thus it plays a fundamental role both in structural organisation of organisms and in dynamics that make them living. More and more evidence accumulates that significant part of water in living cells and intercellular matrix is represented by interfacial water. This aqueous substance radically differs from both ice and “usual” bulk liquid water. It is itself is highly dynamic and polymorphic, and one of the major properties of such water is that it may serve one of the major stores and sources of energy for the performance of multiple vital functions. In particular, interfacial water on the one hand transforms low grade energy (for example, mechanical energy) into high density (high grade) energy of electronic excitation (EEE), and on the other hand it may be directly oxidized by oxygen (a kind of slow burning, combustion) generating EEE. Both these forms of energy generation depend upon particular patterns of water structuring provided by its contacts with different surfaces, by the dissolved substances including catalysts of water oxidation such as carbonate, by organizing influences of external EM fields upon aqueous systems. EEE generated by organized aqueous systems may be used locally for the performance of different kinds of chemical and physical work; it may accumulate and pool in such systems and migrate within them without dissipation on macroscopic distances. Slow combustion in water and combustion of water is capable to self-organization in space and time expressed in the development of oscillatory-wave regimes. These processes serve intrinsic time-keepers of biochemical processes in living systems as well as sensitive antennas for external oscillatory signals.

Dr. Jerman: Physical and Biological meaning of Biofield

ABSTRACT: Advances in science are not achieved merely through the accumulation of knowledge but also through the development of new concepts. In physics, the inclusive concept of the field was used centuries ago with a great scientific profit, while in life sciences we are still waiting for a similar universally acceptable term. For the time being, we only use the concept of the field in its strictly physical meaning, e.g. transmembrane cellular electrical field. Nevertheless, an increasing number of research groups make surprising discoveries that require a new conceptual and empirical breakthrough also in the field of life sciences; one of the promising concepts is the concept of biofield. Of course, to establish a new scientific level of explanation and investigation, we must constantly ask questions about and do research into the physical meaning of the biofield. There are several meanings possible: first, it may be a special form of electromagnetic field, like the endogenous, at least partially coherent, EM field proposed by Fröhlich and further elaborated by the group around Giudice and Preparata. Second, it may be an emergent field with new characteristics, even if based on conventional physical fields. Third, it may be, according to the hypothesis by Tiller, a complementary EM field (the so-called ME field) in a higher symmetric realm (SU2 symmetry). There are also hypotheses that connect the proposed biofield with the physically (cosmologically) discovered dark matter of an as yet unknown nature. Whatever the physical basis, the biofield should be a coherent entity that directs and coordinates countless biochemical and biophysical processes within organisms, thus encompassing all the levels of organismic life, from biochemistry and physiology through to morphogenetic processes in embryogenesis. Together with its physical and biological empirical foundation, the concept of biofield opens up new horizons of understanding life, ecology, health and much more.


Dr.Korotkov Dr.Kononenko

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